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Sep 11 '14


Answering my phone while casually fingering myself

Sep 11 '14

Anonymous asked:

Got any blow job tips?


1) don’t forget the balls
2) its not always about putting the whole thing in your mouth, you can just lick it slowly for a while that’s awesome
3) jerk the shaft as you suck the tip
4) make eye contact once in a while
5) take it out and slap yourself in the face with it (that drives us insane)
6) stop sucking and jerk us furiously for about 5 seconds
7) moan with it in your throat

but the most important tip is

8) have fun with it. Be playful because that’s what makes us cum really hard.

- Anthony

Sep 11 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is there a certain thing you do to make you squirt? Like are you fingering yourself while rubbing your clit or what? How does it work


ummmm, just rubbing my clit will work, for the most part. and the clit+ vaginal combo works, too. i can squirt off anal stimulation as well, especially with clit work in there. but, if it’s straight vaginal, then it’s more than likely gonna be a creamer.

things i’ve learned while masturbating!!!

Aug 29 '14
Aug 29 '14



tell me i look cute with your cum on my face (✿◕‿◕)

I could think of some people I’d love to say that to…

But first I’d have to see them with my cum on their face, because I can’t really tell someone something like that just on a guess, can I? ;)

Aug 28 '14


humping cause im too horny

Aug 28 '14


Im so wet. I want some wet pussy kisses

Aug 26 '14
Aug 26 '14

Reblog if you’ve ever masturbated to the thought of having sex with one of your best friends

Aug 26 '14

Ever wanted to get closer to someone..


And then you realized that the only thing left to do is have sex with that person…

And you’re okay with that

So you send them nudes…

Hoping they send you one back….

As acknowledgement that they indeed want sex with you too.

If so, reblog or like this… Then “tell” that person right NOW